Translation and Portfolio Integration Team

The Translation and Portfolio Integration Team provides translational expertise across the Wellcome translational portfolio and leads on cross-portfolio programmes.

We are also responsible for portfolio integration – including analysing Wellcome’s portfolio of activities from a number of different viewpoints to give insight into Wellcome’s progress towards its strategic goals.

Meet the team 

  • Katie Anastasi-Frankovics

    Head of Translation and Portfolio Integration


    Katie leads the Translation and Portfolio integration Team, providing expertise on translation across Wellcome and providing a view of Wellcome’s work as a single, linked portfolio.

  • Virginie Cerdeira

    PA and Team Coordinator

    Portfolio Integration

    • Peter O'Donovan

      Head of Portfolio Integration

    Major International Programmes

    • Julia Kemp

      Head of Major International Programmes

    • Jonathan Underwood

      Major International Programmes Lead

    • Claire Langford

      Team Coordinator


    • Nicholas Cammack

      Head of Snakebite

    • Diogo Martins

      Research Lead, Snakebite

    • George Phillips

      Senior Research Manager, Snakebite


    • Alethea Cope

      Head of Translation

    • Francesca Peach

      Senior Partner, Translation

    • Nicola Haines

      Senior Partner, Translation

    • Richard Muscat

      Senior Partner, Translation

    • Harriet Unsworth

      Senior Partner, Translation