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Vaccines on a conveyor belt

Opinion | 20 November 2020

Four reasons why we need multiple vaccines for Covid-19 by Charlie Weller

Having a range of Covid-19 vaccines available for people to use around the world will be essential to bringing the pandemic under control. Here’s why.

Hand holding a vaccine next to a sequence of messenger RNA genetic code

Explainer | 19 November 2020

Seven vital questions about the RNA Covid-19 vaccines emerging from clinical trials

Preliminary data from phase III clinical trials has shown the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines to be more than 90% effective. So, how do they work, are they safe, and when will they be available? 

Customer and dispenser in a chemist's shop in Tanzania.

News | 18 November 2020

Six pioneering ways to stop superbugs

From India to Latin America, pioneering efforts are being made to reduce the rise and spread of AMR: antibiotic-resistant superbugs

Nurse at hospital helps mother and newborn.

Opinion | 16 November 2020

Drug-resistant infections: what we’re doing now to tackle this slow-moving pandemic by Tim Jinks

To stop life-threatening infections from escalating, the world must control the spread of drug-resistant infections. Tim Jinks explains Wellcome's role in the global response to antimicrobial resistance. 

The Liverpool Street underground station in London, almost empty.

News | 12 November 2020

Can Europe invest now to avoid future lockdowns?

As heads of state and international organisations meet at the Paris Peace Forum, we ask whether investing in treatments now could help end this crisis.

A general street scene of Chester City centre showing some traffic & pedestrian restrictions which have been put in place to allow social distancing due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Opinion | 4 November 2020

Science can give us the tools to end the pandemic, but it needs funding by Jeremy Farrar

Vaccines, tests and treatments, alongside well-equipped health systems, are the solutions to bringing the Covid-19 pandemic under control. But this won’t happen without urgent investment.

Two health workers, one of which wearing a t-shirt with the UNICEF logo, are handing in Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food to a woman. 

Opinion | 29 October 2020

A look inside the global partnership that's working to find and deliver Covid-19 treatments by Paul Schreier

Finding and delivering Covid-19 treatments worldwide requires global collaboration at an unprecedented scale. This is being done through the ACT-Accelerator Therapeutics Partnership.

Two researchers at the Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics in Oxford.

Opinion | 20 October 2020

Wellcome's bold ambitions to improve health through our new strategy by Jeremy Farrar

We've introduced a new vision and strategy for Wellcome that we hope will have significant positive impacts on the course of human health over the next two decades.

An intensive care nurse attends to a patient that is being treated for COVID-19 at a hospital.

Explainer | 19 October 2020

We need Covid-19 treatments as well as vaccines – and they have to work for everyone

Effective treatments, that are accessible to everyone who needs them, have to be part of the solution to the coronavirus pandemic – here's why.

A recovered Covid-19 patient donates blood plasma for research into Covid-19 antibodies at the medical researcher of the German Center for Immunity Therapy.

Explainer | 16 October 2020

How can we get effective treatments for Covid-19?

From repurposed drugs to new therapies – researchers are working at incredible speed to find the best ways to treat Covid-19 patients.