What we do

We're solving health challenges through research and advocacy.

Image made up of four photographs. Left to right - woman blowing a tube, woman digging in soil, woman bathing in water, two scientists using a pipette.

Our mission 

Science transforms health. We plan to spend £16 billion between 2022 and 2032 on research and advocacy to build a healthier future for everyone.

Our priorities 

Research we fund generates new knowledge about life, health and wellbeing. What we discover today will transform health in ways we can't yet imagine. That's why out outlook is broad, from cells to societies.

We're also bringing together expertise from across science, innovation and society to take on climate and health, infectious disease and mental health.

To achieve all of this, our work focuses on four programmes.

How we're achieving our mission 

Funding research

We're financially and politically independent. This gives us a unique position to fund ambitious, global research across all fields and disciplines.

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Advocating for policy change

We bring governments, affected communities, non-governmental organisations, funders and organisations together from across the world to advocate for evidence-based policies that improve health.

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Our impact so far 

Supported the formation of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations

CEPI helps fill critical gaps in vaccine funding and research, which was essential to the quick and effective rollout of Covid-19 vaccines globally.

Supported the discovery of single cell sequencing

Led to the creation of the Human Cell Atlas (HCA) - an international consortium that charts the cell types in a healthy body from development, through adulthood, to old age.

Funded Cambridge study on same sex parenting

The evidence generated by the Centre of Family Research project was used to campaign for same-sex marriage in the United States.