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Treatments for snakebites already exist and yet the human toll from snakebites is one of the world's biggest hidden health crises.

Find out about contract opportunities to support Wellcome's mission to improve human health – including an overview of each project, who can apply and how.

Research on research (also known as meta-research, the science of science and meta-science) is the study of research itself.

Wellcome Leap is a not-for-profit organisation set up by Wellcome to accelerate discovery and innovation for the benefit of human health.

The people, projects and places we support include everyone from small community groups and charities to Nobel Prize winners and national galleries.

Almost every major breakthrough in human and veterinary medicine has depended on the use of animals to research, develop or test new therapies.

Answers to some of the Wellcome Photography Prize most frequently asked questions, covering everything from how to enter, to images sizes, to how you find out if your photograph has won.

Innovations Flagships support the development of exciting new products, technologies and other interventions to prevent or treat disease.

Tackling some of the biggest challenges in research requires a long-term perspective and a sizeable focus. We call this area of work our directed funding. Learn more about the initiatives we support with this programme of work.

Our Institutional Strategic Support Fund (ISSF) enables universities in the UK and Ireland to invest in areas that are of mutual strategic importance to Wellcome and the individual institutions.