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Report 29 November 2021 

Wellcome Global Monitor 2020: Covid-19

[Summary] How the Covid-19 crisis has affected people around the world and influenced their trust in science, healthcare systems and governments.

Report 25 October 2021 

Improving global pandemic preparedness by 2025

This paper outlines three areas – global coordination and leadership; financing and how to address key gaps in pandemic infrastructure – that will have the biggest impact on future global preparedness. 

Report 25 October 2021 

Addressing Covid-19 vaccine inequity by mid-2022

Across the world, there are unacceptable disparities in access to Covid-19 vaccines, leaving many vulnerable people unprotected. This paper considers this challenge and sets out the action needed by G20 countries and vaccine manufacturers to rapidly increase global vaccination rates, with the aim of reaching 70% of the population in every country by June 2022.  

Report 3 September 2021 Updated 3 September 2021

The impact of Covid-19 on primary science education

Facts and figures on UK primary science education across the UK, including the impact of Covid-19 on schools and science delivery.
Report 1 September 2021 Updated 7 September 2021

Sustainable and climate resilient health systems

This paper puts forward recommendations on how health systems can deliver care when and where it is needed in an unstable climate, without further damaging the environment. 
Report 17 August 2021 Updated 1 September 2021

Transport systems that protect climate and health

This paper outlines a set of recommendations for national and local authorities to support the transition to health-promoting, zero-carbon transport.
Report 27 July 2021 Updated 2 August 2021

Energy systems that protect climate and health

This paper puts forward policies that can help tackle the climate crisis while also improving human health, allowing national governments to address two important challenges at the same time.
Report 27 July 2021 Updated 1 October 2021

Diet and food systems for health, climate and planet

This paper looks at how national governments can tackle multiple climatic, social, economic and health challenges by encouraging a major shift towards healthy and sustainable diets.
Report 27 July 2021 

The connections between climate and our health

These briefings look at the evidence on how current food, energy, transport and health systems are contributing to the climate crisis and impacting peoples’ health, and at how they can also be part of the solution. 

Report 21 July 2021 Updated 21 July 2021

Young people’s engagement in climate change and health in Africa and Asia

This research explores how young people are engaged in action on climate change and health in six countries facing climate risks and public health challenges – Ethiopia, Kenya, Senegal, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Vietnam.
Report 26 May 2021 Updated 26 May 2021

Strengthening health research systems in Africa: A regional analysis

This report explores the role of regional cooperation in improving health sciences research in Africa. It looks at what key technical, political and economic regional organisations are doing in this area, and the factors that help or hinder their efforts.