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Biographies of our Board of Governors, who guide and oversee Wellcome's activities.

Our vision is a world in which climate change does not harm health in the communities it affects most. 

Works to make sure that in everything Wellcome does, the broadest possible range of people contribute to, and benefit from, science's potential to change the world.

Supports a broad programme of discovery research to lead to new insights into life, health and wellbeing.

Wellcome's day-to-day activities are managed by a leadership team made up of senior managers from across the organisation. Here are biographies of the board members.

Our vision is a world in which escalating infectious diseases are under control in the communities most affected.

Works to find the next generations of treatments and approaches to help prevent or treat mental ill health. 

Influences public policy to maximise the impact of our strategy: supporting science to solve the urgent health challenges facing everyone.

Supports colleagues at Wellcome on all matters relating to procurement, including contract opportunities.

Our ambition is that the research we fund and the processes by which we do this are open, engaged, ethical and efficient.

Provides support to applicants and grantholders, and manages our grant processes and funding policies.

Ensures that activities that do not align with Wellcome’s current strategy transition to new forms of support or complete successfully.