Mental Health

Our mission is to enable a step change in early interventions for anxiety, depression and psychosis. 

We fund, commission and work with researchers and decision-makers to achieve this. 

A man wearing a virtual reality (VR) headset standing in front of a TV screen. His hand is outstretched, controlling an animation of a woman on the screen using the VR technology. Another man is standing in the background, watching the screen and the participant's VR control.

The problem 

Millions of people are held back by mental health problems. Interventions aren't working well enough for everyone, have trade-offs and there are challenges with scaling globally. Barriers to collaboration are preventing progress.

There are promising tools, approaches and methodologies ready to break through. Our research funding and advocacy work is fostering collaboration that will lead to new ways to intervene early in anxiety, depression and psychosis. 

Our goals 

Co-leadership with lived experience experts

Knowledge, insights and perspectives of people with lived experience of mental health problems are at the heart of research. 

A collaborative and thriving field of mental health science

Researchers from different backgrounds, geographies and disciplines are brought together.

Improved understanding

New discoveries on how anxiety, depression and psychosis develop, persist and resolve. 

New effective early interventions

Better ways to intervene early in anxiety, depression and psychosis, spanning pharmacological, non-pharmacological and digital.

Increased commitment by decision-makers to use mental health science

Decision-makers enable uptake and scaling of new and improved interventions. 

Our approach 

Funding research

We're funding research to better understand anxiety, depression and psychosis so we can find ways to intervene earlier. Embedding lived experience expertise is central to our mission.

Our independence means we're prepared to take risks with our research funding. If none of our funded projects fail, then we're not being brave enough.

Fostering collaboration

We bring together groups of researchers from different disciplines to find solutions to complex questions. 

By breaking down silos we empower a more coherent and collaborative field where researchers have a common understanding of measures, approaches and concepts.

Advocating for policy change

We advocate for evidence-based approaches that improve global mental health. We do this by working with the private sector, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), charities, governments and affected communities.

Funding opportunities

Our Mental Health programme funds research to improve early intervention in anxiety, depression and psychosis. You may also be interested in our Discovery Research programme, which funds fields and disciplines seeking new knowledge on life, health and wellbeing, including all aspects of mental health.

Find out what we will and won't fund in our Mental Health programme

Help create a step-change in early intervention for anxiety, depression and psychosis by sharing your ideas for where we could focus in the future.

Please note: We will read submissions each week. This is not an application for funding. No information can or will be treated as confidential. 

Our work in action 

Our team 

  • Miranda Wolpert

    Director of Mental Health


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  • Alice Barney

    Executive Assistant


  • Lynsey Bilsland

    Head of Mental Health Translation


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  • Niall Boyce

    Head of Field Building


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  • Matthew Brown

    Head of Digital Technology, Discovery Research and Mental Health


  • Kate Martin

    Head of Lived Experience


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  • Catherine Sebastian

    Head of Evidence


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  • Paul Spencer

    Head of Policy, Mental Health


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