Transition and Legacy Team

The Transition and Legacy team is responsible for the effective transition and completion of a diverse portfolio of grants, partnerships and external activities that do not align with Wellcome’s new strategy so that they achieve impact. 

Transition and Legacy is a multidisciplinary team working on a diverse portfolio of activities established by Wellcome’s former Culture and Society, Innovations and Science divisions before the launch of our new strategy.

We aim to ensure that the research grants, partnerships and other activities that do not align with Wellcome’s current strategy transition to new forms of support or complete successfully.

Meet the team 

  • Philomena Gibbons

    Associate Director, Transition and Legacy


    Philomena Gibbons leads work across Wellcome to manage the completion and transition of work not continuing under Wellcome’s new strategy.

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  • Becky Thomas

    Programme Manager

Culture and Society Transition

  • Nan Davies

    Head of Culture and Society Transition

  • Sarah Dellar

    Culture and Society Transition Manager

Innovations Transition

  • James Lawrence

    Head of Innovations Transition

  • Audrey Duncanson

    Innovations Transition Manager

  • Kate Mills

    Innovations Transition Manager

  • Julia Sahin

    Innovations Transition Manager

  • Sari Watson

    Innovations Transition Manager

Science Transition

  • Candy Hassall

    Head of Science Transition

  • Roger Blake

    Science Transition Manager

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