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Making the health impacts of climate change visible

In spite of what we know about the impacts of climate change on health, policymakers and decision-makers are still not taking action quickly and decisively enough. Here's why…
Grant fundingSchemes

Mental Health Award: Understanding how anxiety- and trauma-related problems develop, persist and resolve

Wellcome will fund researchers to investigate the causal mechanisms through which brain, body and environment interact over time in the development, persistence and…

Lead applicant career stage:

  • Early-career researcher
  • Mid-career researcher
  • Established researcher
  • Leading a research programme
  • Postdoctoral research

Administering organisation location:

  • Anywhere in the world (apart from mainland China)

Funding duration:

Up to 5 years

Funding amount:

Up to £4 million

Strategic programme:

  • Mental Health




What we doOur work


Treatments for snakebites already exist and yet the human toll from snakebites is one of the world's biggest hidden health crises.

What is the role of science in mental health?

Over nine in ten people worldwide (92%) feel mental health is as or more important than physical health for overall wellbeing, with almost half (46%) saying it is more…
PodcastWhen Science Finds a Way

Episode 3: How can we work on a heating planet?

As the world gets hotter and hotter, so do we. Kathy Baughman McLeod joins Alisha to talk through the realities of what heat stress does to us, how workers across the globe…
PodcastWhen Science Finds a Way

Episode 4: Can a research study change a city?

Alisha talks to Professor John Wright about how one open-ended study of 40,000 people in the city of Bradford is changing lives and bonding communities around the world.