Guidance on our switch to the new Wellcome Funding platform

In 2023, Wellcome is launching a new grant management platform to improve the process to apply for and manage grants.

When you’ll be able to use the new platform 

You can use the new platform to apply for:

If you want to apply for one of these schemes, you will be guided from our website to the new system by clicking the ‘Start your application’ button.

Other funding opportunities will be added over the summer.

We will continue to update the information on this page throughout the switch to the new Wellcome Funding platform.

How to access your new account if you’ve already got a Wellcome Trust Grant Tracker account  

If you’ve used your Wellcome Trust Grant Tracker account in the last two years or have an active Wellcome grant, you will receive an email with further guidance on how to access your new Wellcome Funding account. If you have not used your Grant Tracker account in the last two years, you can still register on the Wellcome Funding platform. Please contact us if you need assistance.

Your new Wellcome Funding account will contain all your details from your Wellcome Trust Grant Tracker account. We will move your active grants and documents to your new Wellcome Funding account in October 2023.

What happens to your active grants and old applications 

You should continue to manage any active grants through Wellcome Trust Grant Tracker until October 2023.  

If you have any applications on Wellcome Trust Grant Tracker, we’ll get in touch to explain what happens next.

We will not be migrating unsuccessful and/or unsubmitted application forms from Grant Tracker to Wellcome Funding.

If you want to access and download unsubmitted and/or unsuccessful applications from Grant Tracker:

  1. Log in to Wellcome Trust Grant Tracker
  2. Click on ‘My Applications’ in the menu.
  3. Click on the application title of the application you want to open.
  4. Click on ‘View/Print’ to download a PDF of your application.

You’ll be able to copy and paste information from your downloaded application to your new one if you want to. We recommend you don’t paste directly from a PDF to your new Wellcome Funding application because it can cause formatting problems. If you want to reuse content from one of your old applications, it might be easier to paste it in to a text editing programme like Microsoft Word first.

If you work in a research office 

Watch the webinar to understand what these changes mean for you.

The webinar covers:

  • how to set up an account
  • how to edit and return an application to the applicant for changes
  • how to submit an application to Wellcome
  • things you’ll still need to do on Wellcome Trust Grant Tracker
  • when other features will be available on the Wellcome Funding platform.

Watch the webinar

Contact us 

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