ROS via RET: a redox regulated pathway to extend lifespan    

Year of award: 2018


  • Dr Alberto Sanz

    Newcastle University

Project summary

The ageing population is one of the most important health problems the UK will face this century. Free radicals have been named as the number one suspects in ageing and age-related diseases. Antioxidant products are routinely sold as anti-ageing supplements. However, clinical trials and studies in animal models have clearly shown that antioxidant supplementation does not delay ageing. Paradoxically, stimulation of free radical production in animals extends lifespan which shows that free radicals can have protective effects.

My laboratory has found that controlled stimulation of the production of free radicals via the mitochondria extends lifespan and protects against age-related disease in fruit flies. We want to find out how, when and where free radicals need to be produced to extend healthy lifespan. 

We will use our findings to develop therapies to prevent, delay or reverse ageing in humans.