Wellcome science review and strategy

Following the work led by Jim Smith in reviewing the way we support science, Wellcome is now reviewing its wider strategy.

Update on the science review

We’ve been conducting a review of the way we support science. Read more about our approach in Jim Smith's blog

As part of the work carried out by the science review team, we spoke to people from different organisations, communities and countries. We would like to thank all those who contributed their views.

We’ll be publishing more details on the science review later this year. 

As the review nears its conclusion, we’re using this work to develop a single strategy for Wellcome.

How we’re developing our strategy

Science is central to our reputation, history and future. It will be at the heart of our new strategy.

The strategy will have a strong foundation of discovery research, so we can support great ideas from many disciplines that may have unanticipated benefits for our mission to improve health.

We’ll also focus on tackling a small number of urgent health challenges, with programmes that draw on Wellcome’s expertise across science, innovation and society to deliver ambitious goals.

Research culture will be central to our strategy.

We are recruiting for a new role, Director of Research Programmes, to oversee the next phase of development for Wellcome’s discovery research and challenge-led activities.

We’ll be publishing details of the new strategy later this year.