Vulnerability and justice in global health emergency regulation: developing future ethical models


  • Dr Agomoni Ganguli-Mitra

    University of Edinburgh

Project summary

Global health emergencies (GHEs) caused by epidemics and pandemics, conflicts or mass migration should be of international concern.

We will build a network of academics, with the aim of developing proof-of-principle that ethical models and guidelines on GHEs should address concerns of vulnerability and justice. Collaborators will explore strategies to increase the ethical robustness of future regulation during challenging events. We aim to define key concepts and identify gaps in studies about GHEs and co-design ethical models and strategies for a futures-oriented approach to the regulation of GHEs.

This project will lead to a larger study using a similar methodology and vision so that future GHE regulation and ethics can be better attuned to concerns of vulnerability and justice using a futures-oriented approach.