Virus-host interactions regulating HIV-1 replication in T cells


  • Dr Clare Jolly

    University College London

Project summary

To successfully infect human cells and cause AIDS, HIV must navigate a complex environment, hijacking the essential cellular machinery it needs to replicate and spread, while avoiding innate and adaptive immune defences. The aim of Dr Jolly’s research is to understand the molecular cell biology of HIV infection and how this shapes pathogenesis. HIV exploits direct cell-to-cell spread to rapidly disseminate at immune cell contacts. During this award, Dr Jolly will explore exactly how HIV co-opts cellular signalling pathways to drive successful infection and spread in T cells, and determine the biological consequences for the virus and the host. These studies seek to provide greater insight into virus infection of immune cells. This will advance understanding of HIV pathogenesis and contribute fundamental knowledge about T-cell function in health and disease, potentially informing future antiviral strategies.