Using linked electronic health data to improve eczema diagnosis and outcomes


  • Dr Sinéad Langan

    London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Project summary

Eczema affects 10% of adults. Despite this, and although eczema is visible, there is limited public awareness of either the existence of eczema in adults or its effects on the individual. I will engage with adults with and without eczema to understand why adult eczema remains an ‘invisible visible’ disease and how people perceive the impact of eczema on health and social outcomes in the long term.
This work will involve six workshops in the UK using digital storytelling, art and photography to tell real stories and start conversations about eczema. This will lead to a theatre production about the condition. The digital storytelling and art will be added to an interactive, curated website to broaden and continue the discussion around the socio-cultural aspects of adult eczema.
This public engagement work will enrich my research and help me and my attendees understand barriers to visibility and awareness of eczema among adults.