Understanding and diagnosing infectious diseases using multi-level 'omics data


  • Dr Myrsini Kaforou

    Imperial College London

Project summary

The immune system is our defence against foreign microorganisms and our genetic make-up determines the nature and intensity of the response to pathogens. Advances in biochemistry and computer science have allowed for relatively low-cost and high-throughput identification of patients’ DNA, as well as quantification of processes triggered by an infection such as gene expression (RNA) and protein expression. This technical revolution has created unprecedented quantities of data.

Although the analysis of these individual datasets is standard research practice, I aim to develop computational methods that can link and analyse the information from multiple levels of data (DNA, RNA and the protein) from patients with infectious diseases so we can better understand and diagnose disease. We will also reveal groups of patients with specific characteristics who would benefit from personalised interventions and treatments. 

The findings of this research can be used to support clinical decisions and pave the way to personalised medicine.