TwinsUK – an epidemiological and genomic resource


  • Prof Timothy Spector

    King's College London

  • Dr Deborah Hart

    King's College London

Project summary

TwinsUK is a large-scale health and ageing population study. We have extensive genetic and health data from more than 13,500 adult twins from multiple time points over 25 years.

We will maintain our scientific resource and continue to be the twin cohort with the largest amount of data available to scientists to use in the world. Since 2012, more than 800 research projects have produced over 600 scientific publications using our data. We now plan to link twins’ genetic data to their health records and work with other large UK population studies. We will also measure how different individuals respond to diet and other lifestyle factors. These developments will both enhance the scientific value of TwinsUK and enable us to provide a unique international collaborative resource with huge potential for research.