Transforming brain recordings with next generation probes


  • Prof Matteo Carandini

    University College London

  • Prof Kenneth Harris

    University College London

  • Prof Michael Häusser

    University College London

  • Dr Adam Kampff

    University College London

  • Dr Timothy Harris

    Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Project summary

To understand how the brain works, we need to measure the electrical activity of the large teams of neurons that form the substrate of cognition. Existing technology to make such recordings is extremely limited, allowing recording of fewer than 100 neurons.

We have developed a neural probe technology that records  more than 500 neurons at the same time. We now want to deliver this technology to the community of neuroscientists, to extend this technology so that it becomes even more powerful and to integrate it with other recent techniques that are being developed to image neurons and identify brain regions. To do this, we have assembled a collaboration of laboratory teams with diverse sets of skills, in close interaction with a unique nanoelectronics research partner who will make the probes.

The results of this project promise to transform the field of neuroscience and enable a new understanding of brain function.