To live or die: early fate decision of cortical interneurons


  • Dr Kinga Bercsenyi

    King's College London

Project summary

I will use digital portraits created by an artist ‘in residence’ alongside the portrait subjects. An animation of the process will be made as well as a podcast recorded during the day, showing how the artist saw the person and what input the person had on the portrait during the day.

The portraits and the podcasts will be the foundation of a consultation between people with autism, their carers, neuroscientists and students and we will record podcast summaries of the conclusions drawn during round-table discussions. All the portraits and podcasts will be exhibited at our science gallery to inspire school children, their teachers and families who have experience of autism along with the research scientists. This will encourage people to think about what living with autism is like, what is needed from science to best serve people with autism and how we can create an open and inclusive environment for all. All the content will be hosted on Autistica UK’s website as well as permanently exhibited at King’s College London.