The role of T cells in epithelial maintenance and regeneration


  • Dr Rhiannon Jenkinson

    University of Bristol

Project summary

After her PhD at the University of Liverpool, Rhiannon completed her first postdoctoral position at the University of Bristol studying T-cell and tumour-cell interactions.She then moved to the USA for five years to work at the NIH in the laboratories of Dr Remy Bosselut and Dr Richard Hodes to pursue and build her interests in T-cell function and development and T-cell regulation of epithelial development in the thymus. Following the birth of her children and relocation back to the UK, Rhiannon took time away from academic science to work for a pre-clinical research organisation. During her Fellowship, Rhiannon will seek to understand whether the mechanisms that are critical for T-cell regulation of epithelial development in the thymus are also key players in T-cell regulation of epithelium in other tissues where T cells and epithelium closely interact in health, disease and repair processes.