The Pulse in Galen


  • Dr Peter Singer

    Birkbeck, University of London

Project summary

The aims of this project are an analysis of Galen's conception of the pulse, and the first English translation of two of Galen’s key texts. 

Dr Singer's research will be based on four major treatises – The Different Types of Pulse, Causes of Pulses, Distinction between Pulses and Prognosis by the Pulse. The latter two, diagnosis and prognosis, have the greatest relevance to clinical practice and the major outcome will be a translation of these two texts, with substantial introduction and explanatory commentary. 

This translation and analysis will contribute to our understanding of Galen's medical system and clinical practice. It will also shed further light on ancient conceptions of the interaction of mental and physical health, as well as on ancient medical textbooks and paedagogics.