The impact of insecticide resistance and exposure on Plasmodium infection level and prevalence in the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae


  • Dr Luc Djogbenou

    Institut Régional de Santé Publique

Project summary

Luc is a medical entomologist with an interest in mosquito-parasite interaction, genomics, insecticide resistance, and vector control strategy. He will investigate the role of insecticide resistance mechanisms and direct responses to insecticide exposure in Anopheles gambiae vectorial capacity. He will characterise parasite infection differences in insecticide-resistant mosquito strains displaying the most important resistance mechanisms currently circulating in West Africa. Specifically, the results will reveal which insecticides and resistance mechanisms have the most potential to exacerbate malaria disease outcomes in this region. Luc will also identify the determinants of vectorial capacity that are affected by insecticide resistance alleles and exposure to insecticides commonly used in public health.

This grant was awarded under the scheme's previous name of Intermediate Fellowships in Public Health and Tropical Medicine.