The Encounter – Amazon Beaming


  • Potboiler Productions

Project summary

We will make a feature film based on National Geographic journalist Loren McIntyre's encounter with the Mayoruna – an Amazonian tribe that had no experience of the wider world. The story has been documented in Petru Popescu's book The Encounter – Amazon Beaming.

We will research the film and the issues raised by Loren McIntyre’s experience. We will talk to leading experts on the effect climate change and deforestation has on the health and wellbeing of native populations. We will also work closely with the Mayoruna to ensure that their perspective and lived experience is represented in the film. 

The film will be financed by Film4 and distributed by their international partners. Our aim is to use storytelling to raise awareness of the impact of climate change and urbanisation on the health of indigenous people in the developing world and to stimulate public engagement with this issue.