The basis of Th2 induction by B lymphocytes


  • Dr Jane Skok

    Imperial College London

Project summary

After completing her PhD at Imperial Cancer Research Centre, Lincoln's Inn Fields (now the CRUK London Research Institute), Jane took ten years off and pursued training in art while caring for her young children. She then returned to science, joining David Gray's lab at Imperial College London as a Career Re-entry Fellow and later in her own lab at University College London. In 2006, Jane moved to New York University School of Medicine, where her research focuses on epigenetic regulation of V(D)J recombination. Her approach is to understand how nuclear organisation of the antigen receptor genes affects their accessibility to the recombinase (RAG proteins). Her aim is to understand how faithful DNA rearrangements are maintained in the context of the complex chromatin environment of developing B or T lymphocytes to prevent immune deficiency, autoimmunity and translocations involving Ig loci.