Testing Situations


  • Charles Harrison

Project summary

Neurological testing can provide unique insights into the workings of the human mind and help us understand and manage neurological illness, but the process of assessment may also cause stress, tension and disengagement. 

We will creatively engage audiences in the sites of testing and empower the voices of those who may be marginalised by the process. We will also advocate for person-centred approaches to assessment. Our interdisciplinary methods offer opportunities for audiences to access, participate in and value health research and innovation. Audiences at our film screenings, recorded discussions and large interactive exhibition will be encouraged to consider the role of embodiment and creativity in testing while reflecting on how society can evaluate and innovate its methods of assessment and diagnosis. 

Testing Situations will collaborate with people living with dementia and practitioners with experience of developing and administering tests alongside partnerships with individuals, universities, charities, support groups, laboratories and arts venues around the UK.