Systematic identification and characterisation of poxvirus lateral body constituents using quantitative proteomics and advanced superresolution microscopy


  • Dr Susanna Bidgood

    University College London

Project summary

Susanna is researching how poxviruses manipulate host cells in order to facilitate their own replication and survival. She will combine advanced mass spectrometry and superresolution microscopy to characterise poxvirus lateral bodies, two protein-rich viral structures delivered into cells upon infection. Using her expertise in host-pathogen interactions, she seeks to investigate the functional consequences of lateral body protein delivery on cell-intrinsic and innate immune responses. Susanna will be working with Dr Jason Mercer and Dr Ricardo Henriques (UCL), and Professor Bernd Wollscheid (ETH Zurich) – experts in poxvirus biology, superresolution microscopy and quantitative mass spectrometry respectively.