Structure and mechanism of the INO80 chromatin remodelling complex


  • Prof Dale Wigley

Project summary

DNA in human cells is protected by being packaged into nucleosomes which are in turn packaged into chromatin. However, access to the genetic material is required so localised unpacking is required to make RNA, replicate DNA or repair it.

Protein machines control the packing in a variety of ways. We will investigate how one such machine – INO80 complex – carries out this task as a part of the process to repair DNA breaks. Two INO80 complexes act together to slide nucleosomes and these also sense the presence of other nucleosomes and space them evenly. The enzyme complex is highly regulated through a number of different mechanisms and these will be investigated. We will also investigate how the subunits contribute to the functions of INO80 complex.

This research will give us greater insight into the processes involved in DNA repair.