Roles, responsibilities and the future of care for older adults 


  • Prof Ann Gallagher

    University of Surrey

Project summary

We are living longer and the need for care in our later years is increasing. There is a lot of discussion about the challenges and opportunities that come with longer lives around the world. By 2050 there will be 425 million people over 80 years old. Different countries have different ways of thinking about and approaching care in later years. In Eastern countries, such as China and Japan, discussion includes traditional ideas about respect for elders and whether this continues when countries focus on individuals rather than families. Government policy is different across cultures with some countries expecting, and others requiring, care-giving by families. The practices of care-giving also vary, with some cultures keen to have technological solutions, for example care robots, and others focusing on recruiting care-givers from other cultures. 

This project brings together experts, care givers and recipients of care to throw light on the challenges of elder care, as well as opportunities and ethical responses.