Remaking the Human Body: biomedical imaging technologies, professional and lay visions


  • Dr Manuela Perrotta

    Queen Mary University of London

Project summary

We will create opportunities to include different points of view in the dominant narratives surrounding IVF practice, focusing on evidence behind the introduction of more advanced visual technologies.

We will engage IVF professionals, patients and other stakeholders in a series of themed discussions to foster public debate and understanding of the topic. We also plan to turn our findings into visual narratives in the form of short video animations. These animations will be shown at dedicated events and on our blog. Building on these activities, we aim to encourage opportunities for conversations among professionals and patients. The aim of these would be to contribute to public understanding of the emerging technology through dedicated activities targeted at IVF patients and other relevant stakeholders, increasing non-expert awareness of what evidence means in the context of changing IVF treatment options. It will also create a space for discussion for IVF professionals and patients and other stakeholders to develop a deeper mutual understanding among people with differing perspectives, concerns and experience.