Remaking the human body: biomedical imaging technologies and professional visions


  • Dr Manuela Perrotta

    Queen Mary University of London

Project summary

The development and diffusion of biomedical imaging technologies allows medical professionals to explore the human body in new ways. However, the relations between new visual tools, professional and lay visions remain underexplored. This project investigates two case studies that are highly relevant for their cultural and social implications: time-lapse photography in IVF, which allows patients to see embryo development at a very early stage; and virtual autopsy, an alternative to traditional autopsy, conducted with scanning and imaging technology. The aim of this research is to explore the role of biomedical imaging by looking at the artefacts that produce it, at how it is used in medical practice, and how it is received by patients and caregivers who are involved. This project will explore, in particular, how these images are involved in changing conceptions of the human body.