Psychophysics of predictive motor control: a novel model of post-stroke fatigue


  • Annapoorna Kuppuswarmy

    University College London

Project summary

The multisensory nature of fatigue is widely misunderstood. The realities of fatigue need to be recognised in the workplace and at home. We want to help people recognise fatigue as a debilitating condition and treat it in a similar way to conditions that are more visibly apparent. 

We will enable people with fatigue after having a stroke communicate their experiences using a multi-sensory, immersive installation. Research participants, artists and researchers will co-produce the installation led by a project manager. This process will help participants have their voices heard. There will be events during the week-long London-based installation aimed at engaging health practitioners, carers and family members. 

This immersive installation will help acknowledge that fatigue can significantly inhibit daily life, while gaining greater visibility for this problem. It will produce engaging and informative resources about the realities of living with fatigue to help people with future diagnoses. It will also inform future research.