Prisoners, medical care and entitlement to health in England and Ireland, 1850–2000


  • Dr Catherine Cox

    University College Dublin

  • Prof Hilary Marland

    University of Warwick

Project summary

This project is investigating health risk, medical interventions and healthcare in English and Irish prisons between 1850 and 2000. Dr Cox and Professor Marland are for the most part exploring the high incidence of mental illness amongst prisoners and the impact of prison on the mental health of inmates, adult and juvenile. Further strands of the project examine the management of medical care and disease; response to HIV/AIDS in prisons; the impact of political prisoners on medical regimes and prisoners' rights; the health of women prisoners; and the campaigns of lay and religious reformers in seeking to improve facilities. It assesses inherent tensions as medical staff grappled to maintain healthy and hygienic practices in the context of poor conditions, official disinterest and intermittent overcrowding.