Pre-conception genetic screening for conditions of uncertain or variable prognosis: social and ethical implications


  • Dr Felicity Boardman

    University of Warwick

Project summary

We will develop a multi-media art installation with artist Esther Fox based on our research findings. The installation will include an immersive soundscape capturing the complexities of genetic screening using voiced text from interviews and an interactive computer game that navigates players through life-like scenarios relevant to genomics.
Inclusivity and accessibility are of paramount importance given the centrality of the views of people with disabilities to our research. We will increase accessibility by collaborating with digital theatre and media company STAMP to create a touring installation. This will be exhibited at science festivals in the UK and other public venues. We will film the touring installation and conduct short interviews with attendees. We will post the film online with links to websites of relevant charities and organisations, such as Genetic Alliance UK. We will also submit the film to Disorder, the Rare Disease Film Festival.

We will evaluate the impact and reach of the installation and film using interviews, written and electronic feedback and social metrics.