Neuronal mechanisms for extracting communication signals and signalling sequences: from animal models to humans


  • Dr Christopher Petkov

    Newcastle University

Project summary

There is a great need for better treatments for language disorders and more accurate prognosis of language recovery following stroke. To achieve this, an understanding of the cognitive abilities underpinning language and the critical neuronal circuits and pathways involved is required. Dr Petkov's work harnesses the exciting recent development of first-of-their-kind models for understanding two key aspects of human communication: how the brain extracts voice-identity or meaning-related information; and the grammar of communicative sequences. Dr Petkov's group aims to clarify the evolutionarily conserved cognitive abilities that underpin human language, and to bridge the gap between studies in animals, typical humans and language-impaired individuals. This could provide unprecedented scientific insight into the brain pathways and neuronal circuit mechanisms supporting language-related cognitive abilities.