Musculoskeletal study of limb development in vertebrates by magnetic resonance imaging microscopy


  • Dr Suzanne Duce

    University of Dundee

Project summary

Suzanne is currently at the University of Dundee, using clinical and preclinical MRI to understand disease progression and quantify the efficacy of therapies. After gaining her PhD, she managed a DTI-LINK-funded MRI project at the University of Cambridge. She had a career break of over a decade caring for her three children. Being awarded a Career Re-entry Fellowship in 2007 gave her the opportunity to re-establish her scientific research career. Based at the University of Dundee, she collaborated with Cheryll Tickle, using micro-MRI to study embryonic development. They were able to demonstrate the origins of club foot in a mouse model. Suzanne has authored over 30 scientific publications, 19 as principal author.