Moving functional brain imaging into the real world: a wearable, cryogen-free, magnetoencephalography (MEG) system 


  • Prof Gareth Barnes

    University College London

Project summary

Children with epilepsy, their parents, play specialists, researchers and clinicians will co-produce child-friendly, wearable scanners, interactive games and tasks, and an engaging room where scanning can be done.

Working alongside an artist and designer, we will run diverse focus groups, workshops and interactive sessions for different cohorts of children and their families and carers. We will use the feedback from these sessions to design and build prototype room interiors, interactive tasks and scanner helmets to be used in a clinical setting.

We will demonstrate that engagement with this project has increased our ability to effectively scan very young children in a stimulating environment. Our success will be measured by the compliance rate and typical scan duration achieved with the new system used at Young Epilepsy.