Molecular understanding of protein-mediated cell-cell fusion in fertilisation, development and viral spread using structural hybrid approach

Year of award: 2015


  • Dr Tzviya Zeev-Ben-Mordehai

    University of Oxford

Project summary

Tzviya is a structural biologist interested in proteins that mediate the merging of membranes. Membrane fusion is a central process for all eukaryotic cells. Extracellular fusion that is cell-cell fusion is a crucial step in the initiation and development of multicellular organisms as well as maintaining homeostasis. Tzviya's project objective is an integrative structural characterisation of cell-cell fusion. The core technique to be applied is cryo-electron microscopy complemented by super-resolution fluorescence microscopy and crystallography. Her study aims to pave the way for molecular intervention in plasma membrane fusion, eg for designing new infertility treatments and contraception.