Molecular dissection of siglec-mediated regulation of neutrophil inflammatory responses


  • Prof Paul Crocker

    University of Dundee

Project summary

Neutrophils play crucial roles in host defence against bacterial and fungal pathogens. The regulation of neutrophil-endothelial cell interactions is important to prevent damage, especially in the lungs, where there is a vast network of narrow capillaries. Professor Crocker has focused for the majority of his career on the discovery and characterisation of the siglec family of sialic acid-binding Ig-like lectins. He has recently identified a new siglec inhibitory pathway that controls β2-integrin-dependent neutrophil recruitment following exposure to lipopolysaccharide His goal is to understand the molecular mechanisms of how neutrophil-expressed siglecs in mice (siglec-E) and humans (siglec-9 and siglecs-5 and -14) regulate neutrophil functions during inflammation. Professor Crocker will undertake detailed proteomic and glycomic analysis of siglec signalling complexes and siglec counter-receptors and ligands on endothelial cells in order to provide new opportunities for the treatment of diseases such as acute lung injury.