Mode and dynamics of neutrophil transmigration in vivo: mechanisms and implications to pathological inflammation


  • Prof Sussan Nourshargh

    William Harvey Research Institute

Project summary

Neutrophils are a major component of innate immunity and are indispensable for host defence against invading pathogens. As recent evidence indicates a broader role for these cells in inflammation and immunity than conventionally considered, there is a need for better understanding of the mode, mechanisms and implications of neutrophil trafficking in vivo. With this award Professor Nourshargh proposes to investigate how pathological inflammatory insults impact the dynamics of neutrophil-vessel wall interactions and the implications of disrupted modes of neutrophil transmigration on inflammatory disease development and dissemination. By using advanced 4D imaging platforms to analyse neutrophil transmigration, Professor Nourshargh's work aims to unravel previously unexplored cellular and molecular physiological concepts and identify disease-specific phenomena.