Manipulating membranes: how do lipids interact with the cytoskeleton?


  • Prof Ulrike Eggert

    King's College London

Project summary

Lipids are important molecules with many essential functions. They are major constituents of all membrane compartments and are key determinants of their interactions with other cellular structures. Cells produce thousands of different lipids and hundreds of proteins to synthesise and transport these lipids. Lipid dysfunction is associated with numerous diseases, but the importance of lipids has been under-appreciated in cell biology. Professor Eggert will use this award to investigate the role of lipids, and particularly their side chains, in processes controlled by the cytoskeleton, such as cell division, movement and cell-cell interactions. Initially focusing on cell division, which requires the participation of lipids and membranes, she will combine multiple methods from chemical biology, cell biology and biophysics to elucidate the specific roles of lipids in modulating the functions of membrane-associated proteins that play different, yet essential, roles in cytokinesis.