Lymphoid stress-surveillance – linking tumour immunesurveillance and atopy


  • Dr Jessica Strid

    Imperial College London

Project summary

The overarching aim of Dr Strid’s programme of work is to characterise and explore lymphoid stress-surveillance (LSS). Described by Dr Strid, this is the activation of local intraepithelial lymphocytes, by physico-chemical tissue damage, that in turn initiates local and systemic Th2 and IgE responses as well as anti-tumour immunity. Key goals of the research are to investigate fundamental aspects of LSS and to determine the role of early LSS-induced Th2 immunity and IgE antibodies in epithelial dysregulation and carcinogenesis. The results will shed new light on the afferent induction of Th2 immunity and will further our understanding of the biological relationship between allergy and cancer.