Infectious science engagement activities in post-Ebola Sierra Leone


  • Prof Ian Goodfellow

    University of Cambridge

Project summary

After experiencing the Ebola epidemic first-hand, we realised that most people did not know what a pathogen was, and fear and misbeliefs hampered the control of the outbreak. There is a clear need for science engagement and we can provide it. School children are interested in finding out about Ebola and other pathogens and we need to broaden their awareness of infectious diseases beyond Ebola and engage their curiosity in science.

We want to engage young people in Sierra Leone in the science of the infectious diseases that are all around them. We will empower young people with the understanding that if they know how infectious diseases spread, they can prevent infections and improve the health of those around them. In addition, we will make young people excited about science and encourage them to choose scientific studies and careers.

This grant was awarded under the scheme's previous name of Provision for Public Engagement.