Identification and characterisation of novel regulators of mammalian cell morphogenesis using RNAi


  • Dr Jennifer Rohn

    University College London

Project summary

Jenny has always been interested in the unifying theme of how cells respond to the diseased state, whether from pathogens or the transformed state. After her career break, she used her Career Re-entry Fellowship at the MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology at UCL to hone her cell-biological expertise, with an emphasis on cytoskeletal regulation. After her Fellowship, she was appointed to run a basic sciences lab in UCL's Division of Medicine, allied to a busy NHS clinical practice headed by Professor James Malone-Lee. There, she works closely with clinicians and patients to study the cell biology and pathogen-host interactions of chronic urinary tract infection, which despite being a growing serious problem worldwide, especially among older people, is a neglected research area.