Fractionating the human frontoparietal cortex: combining meta-analytic and real-time optimisation approaches


  • Dr Romy Lorenz

    University of Cambridge

Project summary

Brain scans have established that intelligent behaviour, such as learning, adapting and solving problems, is supported by a set of brain regions known as the multiple-demand (MD) system. However, due to limitations in standard brain scanning methods, we do not know how distinct subdivisions of this system contribute to intelligence.

I will develop a new method that combines two powerful techniques. I will integrate information from thousands of existing studies, gathering the current knowledge we have about the MD system. This knowledge will then be refined using advanced real-time brain scanning, providing a detailed understanding of the role of MD subdivisions in intelligence.

Disruptions in the MD system are reported across many mental and neurological conditions. A better understanding of this system could inform therapy and the design of sensitive tests, allowing the early detection of disease.