Evaluation of innovative TB vaccination strategies in preclinical and clinical models

Year of award: 2011


  • Prof Helen McShane

    University of Oxford

Project summary

TB remains a significant cause of mortality and morbidity throughout the world, and the emergence of drug-resistant strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis means that the need for better global control of TB is more urgent than ever. Professor McShane's lab works on the design and delivery of innovative new vaccines, designing and testing vaccines in both preclinical animal models and then early-stage clinical trials. When successful, these early-stage trials lead into larger field studies through a network of collaborations across Africa. At present, Professor McShane's group is particularly interested in investigating human mycobacterial challenge models as a way to help select which vaccines should progress to efficacy testing in humans. Other interests of her group include aerosol routes of vaccine delivery, which are currently being evaluated in animal models and human clinical trials.