Doxycycline-loaded biodegradable microparticles as a novel safe anti-scarring strategy in the eye

Year of award: 2021


  • Prof Maryse Bailly

    University College London, United Kingdom

  • Prof Richard Day

    University College London, United Kingdom

Project summary

Glaucoma and trachoma are leading causes of blindness worldwide, with a combined >200M people affected and close to 10M at immediate risk of permanent sight loss. For both diseases, surgical treatment success is directly dependent on the avoidance of postoperative scarring. However, there is no treatment to prevent scarring in trachoma and the current drugs used to prevent scarring following filtration surgery for glaucoma can have serious blinding side effects. We have designed an innovative product consisting of biodegradable microparticles loaded with doxycycline, a common drug, for local delivery at the time of surgery to achieve safe, targeted and sustained anti-scarring action. These have shown remarkable anti-scarring efficacy in laboratory tests, and we propose to evaluate their effectiveness in an animal model of post-surgical ocular scarring. The successful completion of this project will allow us to develop this treatment towards clinical trials, with a potential benefit to millions worldwide.