Dissecting the transcription regulatory network in malaria parasites at early transmission stages

Year of award: 2016


  • Dr Katarzyna Modrzynska

    University of Glasgow

Project summary

During its life cycle, the malaria parasite passes through a succession of over ten different life forms. These transitions involve extensive remodelling of the parasite cell and require changes in the expression of many genes. Recently a group of potential key regulators of this process called apicomplexa AP2 proteins (apiAP2) was discovered. The role of different members of this family across the life cycle remains to be investigated.

Here I propose to analyse the function of the apiAP2 genes during one of the major bottlenecks of the malaria life cycle - the initial stage of development in the mosquito. By identifying apiAP2 genes essential for this transition and analysing the function, I aim to construct a comprehensive model of this transition. 

Such a model would lead to a better understanding of the parasite biology, potentially leading to the development of new drugs.