Development and application of statistical methodology for the detection and characterisation of genetic factors in complex disease

Year of award: 2013


  • Prof Heather Cordell

    Newcastle University

Project summary

Heather is a statistical geneticist based in the Institute of Genetic Medicine, Newcastle University. Heather’s research focuses on the development and application of new and existing statistical approaches for analysing human genetic data, with the aim of uncovering causal relationships between genetic factors and disease-related outcomes. Heather is involved in a number of applied studies, most notably genome-wide association studies, in disease areas as diverse as primary biliary cirrhosis, vesicoureteric reflux, visceral leishmaniasis and atopic eczema. In addition to her applied work, Heather develops methods for family-based data (including maternal and parent-of-origin effects), and for modelling multiple loci (including interaction effects) simultaneously.