Control of T-cell responses by accessory receptors revealed by phenotypic models

Year of award: 2017


  • Dr Omer Dushek

    University of Oxford

Project summary

T cells are important immune cells responsible for fighting infections and cancers. They continuously scan other cells for these threats using a receptor on their surface. Basic research has shown that, besides the main receptor, other ‘accessory’ receptors also control how T cells respond but it is not known how this happens. There has been a focus on identifying the molecular parts that process information from receptors which could improve T cell therapies for cancer treatments. This has revealed enormous complexity but has not greatly improved our understanding of how T cells are controlled.

Instead of studying the detailed parts, we will study how triggering accessory receptors changes the T cell response. This will lead to a more precise understanding of how all receptors work together to control T cells.

We will use our findings to benefit human health.