Computer-based analysis of early fibrosing lung disease


  • Dr Joseph Jacob

    University College London

Project summary

Over 5,000 people are diagnosed with advanced, aggressive fibrosing lung disease (FLD) annually in the UK. Severe breathlessness precedes death which occurs within three to five years after diagnosis. It is essential to diagnose FLD early, before the lungs are irreversibly damaged. However, the human eye has limited ability in recognising subtle early changes of FLD on computed tomography (CT) scan images of the lungs.

We will use advanced computer tools to evaluate CT imaging and identify early stages of FLD. Repeated CT imaging in 20,000 patients participating in a London-based lung cancer screening study will be evaluated to identify early signs of FLD. Lung cancer screening populations are ideal to study early FLD, as smoking is a common risk factor for FLD and lung cancer.

The computer tool that we develop will eventually allow early identification of FLD in thousands of people worldwide.